5 Top Retirement Places around the World

The best retirement place in the world

Retiring is a great time for a person to get away to a destination that they have always wanted to. It is also a great opportunity to move to a location that otherwise would have been out of the question.

There are many destinations around the world that are great for retirement homes, and as retirement locations. Make sure you know where your chosen retirees are going to live before you start thinking about retirement gift ideas. You can find great retirement gifts for men if they are staying at home, or if they are retiring to one of these top retirement cities around the world.

Top Retirement Cities around the World

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

As a somewhat safe option in the otherwise unsafe country of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is a great option for retirees.

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It offers amazing beaches, a modern atmosphere and a relaxing place that retired people can call home. This beach town is a great way to enjoy all that Mexico has to offer without the worry of drug cartels, or other things that could cause the experience to become unsafe.

The city also offers plenty of lodging options for when family comes to visit.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This Asian city, located in one of the cheapest countries in the world, is a great option for retirees. Chiang Mai not only has affordable living options, but it allows its residents to live well.

There are many things to do in the city for very affordable prices. People who have retired and are looking for a moderate climate will also enjoy Chiang Mai for its mild climate.

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It is also very friendly to foreign residents; Chiang Mai is home to around 17,000 people who are not Thailand natives. Retiring in Asia may seem like an unusual option, but Chiang Mai is the place to do it.

Coronado, Panama

There is a reason that so many kids on spring break visit Panama every year, it is a top destination for United States citizens. It is not only great for college students, its also an easy place for Americans to retire to.

This city, which is one of Panama’s top beach destinations, has a very similar culture to the United States. Retirees can expect to find their favorite clothing brands, easy to use cooking ingredients and all of the conveniences of home in a foreign environment.

Cuenca, Ecuador

This South American city is one that is open to people of all ages from all different countries. The main language spoken in this city is English, making it very easy for American retirees to call this place their new home.

It is also a very affordable city to live in; many people are able to live comfortably on around $1,800 a month. Average rent prices range anywhere from $200 to $800 which is much more affordable than in the United States.

The city also offers excellent views, plenty of activities to do and an easy to understand transportation system.

Madrid, Spain

For retirees that are looking for a taste of the Mediterranean, Spain offers that option. The country has an amazing healthcare system that is available to everyone in the country.

The coastal city of Madrid offers everything that retirees could want when it comes to a new hometown. The city has plenty to offer in the way of conveniences, it has beautiful views and is close to a variety of exciting activities.

Spain is also a much more affordable country than some of the other European places. Rent, food and transportation are all affordable in the Mediterranean city of Madrid.

That’s It

When you are trying to decide on the cool gift ideas for the people you love who are retiring, it is a good idea to make sure you know where they are retiring.

The place they will soon call home will make the difference between whether your best retirement gifts for men are new Asian slippers or a great new sun hat.

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