10 Incredibly Bizarre White Elephant Gift Ideas to Set Off a Wild White Elephant Gift Party


What makes the best white elephant gift ideas? The best white elephant gift is something that provokes a ‘fight’ during your white elephant gift exchange.

After all, a white elephant gift exchange party would not be fun without a ‘fight’. No, don’t get me wrong. It’s not a real fight that we’re talking about. But it refers to the situation when everyone is trying to snatch the same gift into their hands.

Now that you are all hyped up and can’t wait to go for your year-end white elephant gift exchange party, have you found the perfect white elphant gift that will become the ‘talk of the town’?

If you have not, don’t worry. We know how stressful holiday gift hunting can be and we are here to help.

Ready for some of the most bizarre white elephant gift ideas? Scroll down. These cool gift ideas will let your imagination run wild.

10 Incredibly Bizarre Gifts for a Wild White Elephant Gift Exchange Party

The Most Audacious Coin Bank ever Designed

All of us always have coins lying around seemingly everywhere. In the dresser. In the car ashtray. On top of the washing machine.

Why? Because keeping those coins has always been boring! But all that will change when you have this farting coin bank.

Yes, this bank will really fart but only when you feed it with a coin. The ‘farting’ sound it made is so addictively funny. The next time you see a coin lying idle, you’ll love to pick it up and feed it to Mr Farting Bank.

Insanely Funny Mugs

Do you have a friend who loves coffee? Why not make him or her a cup of coffee?

Let them enjoy every sip and when they are done, tadaaaa…. See how they react when they saw this ‘poop’ sitting at the bottom of the mug.

9 out of 10 people who saw this spurt out the last remaining sip in their mouth. Try it and I’m sure excited to see how did it go for you.

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The Sauciest Salt & Pepper Shaker

Good times starts from good food. But what if you pass this funny salt & pepper shaker to someone? It will definitely spark off hilariously good times.

For slightly more than $5, this has to be one of those timeless white elephant gift ideas. I’ve bought it to a few holiday gift exchange party and it’s never failed to create laughter.

Disgustingly Funny Soap Dispenser

How many of us are still using the soap bar these days? I bet the answer is ‘almost non-existent’.

But has it ever occured to you that such a ‘boring’ stuff as the liquid soap can be creatively turned into an extreme gag gift idea?

Imagine the next time you are in the shower, you need to press somenone’s nose just to get the soap into your hand. Yikes!

It’s gross! But that’s what this one of my favorite white elephant gift idea. Grossly useful!

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The ‘Happiest’ Bottle Stopper

Had enough of your wine? Just plug this cheeky little fellow into the wine bottle. And when you are ready for more? Just pull him off (but that will take away his happiness).

This has to be the ‘happiest’ bottle stopper man has ever created! If you need a star attraction for your white elephant gift exchange party, bring this guy on. He will do the rest of the entertaining for you.

‘Boyfriend’ Pillow for the Lonely

Is everyone attending your gift party still single? How about bringing a ‘boyfriend’ that everyone will be eager to snatch?

So comfy. So faithful. It will always be there when you need a hug. This ‘boyfriend’ pillow will get all your girl friends screaming for it.

The Most ‘Delicious’ Medical Bandage

If you ever gets hurt, you know how bad-looking those bandages are. But that will change if you have these ‘delicious’ medical bandages.

These bandages are not meant to ‘pork’ fun out of your wound, but can you name me any better way to take away the pain than these sizzling bandages?

Warning: Don’t try to put the bacon bandages on when you’re in the hospital. That is unless you want all the nurses to approach you thinking that you had a really bad wound!

Air Freshener for When You’re Hungry

Feeling hungry? Why not have some bacon smell to keep your hunger at bay? Or maybe a smell of popcorn?

That is just so funny. I wonder how these guys can come up with such wacky idea. But thanks to these creative brains, you have one of the most sought after white elephant gift ideas that will cost you less than $5.

This Paper Holder Can Talk!

Do you often have guests coming over your home and you wish you can add to your quality of service?

Place this paper holder in the toilet and it will be ready to help you serve your guest. Whether you want to remind them not to waste toilet papers or maybe you just want to greet them, this talking paper holder will do it on your behalf.

You can record your message and it will play everytime someone rolls the toilet paper down.

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Oh No! This Lamp has a Leg. Can it Walk?

Look Ma! This lamp can walk? If you have a child at home, you need to get ready for an answer.

Place this legged lamp on your bedside (at your own risk). I received this during my last white elephant gift exchange party and I decided to place this next to our bed.

Even now, my husband still find himself startled when he wakes up in the middle of the night. He always felt someone is there. hiiii….

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