White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas for a Fun Gift Exchange Party

After defining your audience, you can think about what gift should be exchanged during the party.

If you are organizing an office party, your audience will be healthy mix of male and female and matured. To be on the safe side, don’t think of anything that is too fancy or wild.

If you are organizing a house party, the limit of white elephant gift exchange ideas is your imagination.

How to organize fun white elephant gift exchange idea


Imagine what your reaction would be when the sound of your morning alarm is a farting sound. Did the person sleeping next to you just farted? Eh…

What makes a good gift for office party may not be fun for a house party. What makes a fun gift for a house party may not be suitable for an office party.

The first thing you need to do is work out the budget that should be spent for each gift. This is important because it will bring everyone to the same page when it comes to expectation.

The budget can be as low as $0 or as high as you set it to be. Typical budget is between $5 to $25.

You might be wondering what kind of item can $0 get. The answer is a lot.

When you set the gift budget as $0, it is as good as saying that the true worth of gift is not measured in terms of its dollar value but the thought and sincerity that goes into it.

Handmade art piece is an example of the best white elephant gifts where the thoughts and efforts that go into making it is more precious than its material value.

Cross-stitched Christmas ornaments are popular holiday gifts that fall into $0 category. If you are looking for holiday-themed cross-stitch design, you will be spoiled for choices at Amazon.

Starting from less than $10, the thousands of book and designs available there are good catalysts to unleash the mind’s creativity.

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$0 white elephant gift exchange ideas is not constrained to self-made gift. It can be just a white elephant gift received in previous occasion that has been lying idle in your shelf.

In computer terms, the value zero is often used to represent unlimited. This means that no one stops you from buying an expensive gift.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD makes a perfect gift if you are looking to bring delight to your party mates. It will definitely be the one item that sees the highest number of steals.

Wild is another popular white elephant gift exchange ideas. Choose this white elephant gift ideas if you are ready for shocks and surprises.

When settling for this theme, you can never tell what kind of crazy ideas your participants can come up with.

Trust me, this farting alarm clock is not even close to the craziest idea that I have seen before.

If you have a matured audience and wild jokes are not offensive, this might just be the best cool gift idea for your white elephant gift exchange party.

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