Organizing a Successful White Elephant Party – Part 2: Pick a Theme

A themed party is one recipe that can enhance the flavor of your party. Be warned that while it is easy to think about a theme for your party, the devil is in its execution.

A successful themed party requires more effort and planning. It is one of the first thing you need to decide on even before the very first step of sending out the party invitations.

A carefully planned themed party starts with a well-designed invitation e-card or postcard that sets the expectation among your participants.

Popular White Elephant Party Theme Ideas

White-themed Decoration Ideas for White Elephant Party

One popular classic option is an all white party theme. Yes, it is white party but you don’t have to worry about running out of party decoration ideas.

As white elephant gift exchange party is usually held during white Christmas, white appears to the most obvious choice among many party organizers.

But even white-themed party can be organized in a variety of ways and requires different level of preparations.

Red & White-themed Decoration Ideas for White Elephant Party

If you are organizing an all white party theme against office backdrop, then there could be not much you can or want to do as erecting such decoration would no longer surprises every one if they have seen it before the event.

But if you are organizing the party at home, there is a lot you can do and how much you you want to do depends on how much effort and time you budget yourself for the occasion and if you have extra hands to help you out.

For example, you could set ‘Elegant White’ as your theme and jot it down in your invitation the dress code that you want every one to follow.

As I said earlier, picking a theme for your party is not the hardest part but it is the execution. Say you are set on Elegant White, then you probably need to think about decorating your home with lighting and Christmas ornaments that would make white evening dress really beautiful.

What’s Your Favorite Theme?

There really is no limit when it comes to creativity and what kind of things you can come up with for you themed party.

It can be as simple as color-based theme or it can be such things as wild where everyone is supposed to dress up wildly.

Definition of wild: entirely up to you. While a themed party provides a good way for your audience to connect, do plan it out carefully and do not overspend your effort and budget on this single item.

Trust me, you will learn that there are more things to worry about as you continue reading this article further.

Organizing the party itself is only half the fun. The other half is to hunt for cool gift ideas that will make the best white elephant gifts. Ready for some hilarious white elephant gift ideas?

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