Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Have you read the book ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’? If you haven’t, do not fret. The big idea behind the book is to explain the fundamental difference in the way men and women think.

Popular Inspirations of Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

One interesting explanation that worths highlighting is the different ‘Point Scoring’ system that men and women use when receiving love.

Men like to reward a single action of love with large point block while women like to reward every action of love with single point.

Equal Reward for Every Gift

What does this mean to you? This means that as men, we should move away from the thinking that we just need to do one big thing once in a while in order to express our love.

Like it or hate it. The ugly truth is your action, big or small, will be rewarded almost equally. That’s why if you think you can skip getting Valentine’s day gifts for her, think again.

If you are serious about your relationship, get the best Valentine’s day gifts for your lady and make her happy!

Don’t Stress Up! Don’t Panic!

If this is the first time you are buying a Valentine’s day gift for your girl and not sure where to start, worry not. If this is the ‘countless’ time you are getting the year’s most romantically celebrated gift for her, you may be running out of romantic gift ideas. Don’t panic.

Here are some easy gift ideas that you can get as a gift for her on the year’s most special day.

#1: Diamond is a Woman’s Best Friend! Beautiful Jewelries will Delight Her!

Beautiful. That’s what every girl wants to look like.

With the passing of time, there is one that has always been and will always be true.

Women loves jewelry, especially when it is a present from the guy she truly loves.

When you buy her a set of personally selected jewelries, you are showing her that you care about how she looks like. And you want her to look beautiful.

Some men may not know this. But women are women. During hangouts and gatherings with their ladies friends, they like to boast about the jewelries that they are wearing.

Particularly, about the jewelries that she had received as your expression of love during Valentine’s day.

#2: Couple Mugs that Shout “You’re Mine!”

Think about this. One lesson from the ‘Men from Mars, Women from Venus’ book teaches us that the girl of your life will be more appreciative of every small action that shows your love for her. A couple mug sure makes great Valentine’s day gifts for her.

If she chooses to use the mug for her everyday use, then it is good news. This means that everytime she lifts up the mug, she would be reminded of you.

She would be constantly reminded of your love and your point score will tick one notch up every time she’s reminded of this. You don’t have to stick to conventional mug design. In fact, the more unusual it is, the better.

#3: Naughty Lingerie for a Perfect Valentine Evening

Juice up this year’s Valentine night by surprising her with one of the hot and sexy lingerie. For one night, why not let both your fantasy runs wild?

If there is any Valentine’s day gifts idea that you would be enjoying more than anything else, it has to be lingerie. Pssttt… But before you select one, make sure you’ve done your homework.

Make sure you have the necessary size information before buying the lingerie set as that special gift for her this year.

#4: A Hug from Teddy Bear Remind Her of You Every Night!

Pig is probably the most loved and celebrated character. In most instances, every girl will go gaga when they receive a pig plush toy.

It is no wonder that year after year, pig soft toys are found to be popular Valentine’s day gifts for guys to give to their ladies. Other than being cute and adorable, the nature of the pig shape makes it absolutely huggable. Every time she sits on the sofa and hug it, tell me who she’ll remember of.

Aside from pig, teddy bear is surely one of the most popular figure that will make every girl go gaga. If you want her to remember that it’s a Valentine’s day gift, you can go for one that hugs a heart. Or maybe those that bears the message ‘I Love You’.

#5: No Words Can Better Express ‘Love’ than a Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

For as long as we know it, flowers have been used as a symbol of love. The use of flowers to express one’s feeling dated back hundreds years ago.

Back then, availabilities of flowers were limited. The state of civilization at the time, relied heavily on symbols and gestures as a form of communication, rather than words.

Today, all these have changed. Flowers are grown in abundance and we use mainly words to convey our thinking, feeling and emotion.

Nonetheless, words cannot express all the feelings that we have. When it comes to this thing called love, words alone are not enough. That’s why the use of flowers to express one’s affection for another person remains even till today.

At the time when flowers were used as the main form of communication, different flowers were used to convey different meaning.

That is how the whole meaning associated with flowers came about. If you have plenty of time to spare, you can very well try to go through the meaning behind each flowers.

You can then make the list of flowers that you want to include in your bouquet and ask the florist to arrange one for you. But today, most people do not really want to get too bothered by this.

Just keep in mind this simple rule. Stick with popular selection like rose, lily and tulip and you’ll never go wrong. A nicely arranged flower bouquet sure makes the perfect Valentine’s day gifts for her.

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