Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends and Loved Ones

There is always something special about Christmas. Christmas is the best time of the year where people are high in spirit of giving and receiving gifts.

It may be from their loved ones, friends or relatives. Yes, this is also the time of the year where you think of what gift to give that they will appreciate.

More importantly, you want a gift that is useful for them. Jot down your list so that you do not leave out any of your loved ones and relatives.

Here are the Best Christmas Gift Ideas that I’ve shortlisted in order to make your gift hunt easier.

When we talk about Best Christmas Gift Ideas, the list is virtually endless. Chances are, you wouldn’t know where to even begin with.

There are so many gadgets being churned out and released once every few weeks. To non-geek like myself, it is a nauseating experience if you try to keep up with them.

There are just too many gadgets out there. The good news is, not all gadgets are made equal.

In fact, most of the gadgets are total crap. This phrase does not come from me, but it came out from a geek colleague of mine.

So, to stop you from taking the nauseating journey, I have handpicked only few gadgets that are worthy of your time and consideration. I’ve included them in my list of Best Christmas Gift Ideas.

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Top 2014 Best Christmas Gift Ideas

#1 Best Christmas Gift Ideas: Amazon Kindle Fire HD

It is with no doubt that books in traditional print copies will survive for a long time to come, but from whichever way we see it, the future of book is in e-book itself.

Since Amazon pioneered its first Kindle e-book reader, millions of books have been re-published and sold in e-book version.

The emerging popularity of e-book proved to be a boom for both authors and readers, like you and me.

Authors get to bypass the traditional publishing house and cut the printing and distribution cost. As a result, e-book purchase cost only a tiny fraction of its hard copy version.

If you’re thinking of the perfect gift for this Christmas, Amazon Kindle Fire HD definitely tops the list of many.

It serves dual purpose of being an e-book reader and a tablet. At $199, the price seems to be too good to be true when it was first announced.

On top of that, the Kindle Fire HD works seamlessly with Amazon store. What this means is who ever received your Kindle gift, they will enjoy three things: e-book, tablet and Amazon shopping assistant.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD is the best gift you can present to your loved ones this Christmas. This year, this highly useful gadget made it to the top of my list of Best Christmas Gift Ideas.

#2 Best Christmas Gift Ideas Photo Album

A picture tells a thousand words. A classic saying that remains relevant and true even in today’s digital age.

Unlike in the past where photos were taken using a special purpose camera, camera integration with our smartphone has changed the way we capture instantaneous and memorable moments in life.

Even more true is the way we share those moments with the world. In the age of Facebook and Instagram, sharing is just a button click away.

Despite the technology and convenience of digital pictures, you might think that photo album is no longer relevant.

Well, you are wrong in this regard, I can tell you. I know many of my friends who are still printing their photos.

That’s why companies like photo printing shops are sprouting across the country. Photo album definitely makes an awesome Christmas present. This handcrafted leather photo album tops my Christmas wish list this year.

#3 Best Christmas Gift Ideas: Heirloom Jewelry

What we’re talking about here is not just any ordinary jewelry that you buy at any jewelry store. It is heirloom jewelry that I think would make a sweet Christmas gift.

If you’re wondering what heirloom jewelry is, it is those precious jewelries that carry sentimental value with it and tend to passed down over generation.

Maybe you can start a family tradition this year by passing down one of the sparkling accessories lining up in your wardrobe to your daughter?

Remember, tradition that survives many generation will create a legacy that is priceless.

If you’re looking to pass down some precious jewelries, do not forget to get a great Jewelry box to store it. This is one of the best Christmas gift ideas that has been overlooked by most people.

#4 Best Christmas Gift Ideas: Homebaked Cookies

Christmas is a time for sharing and giving. Christmas is a time for close friends, families, relatives and neighbors to gather.

Christmas is a time to show our care, thoughts and prayers for our loved ones. Christmas gift does not necessarily have to be something that is expensive. But it’s the thought that would make holiday gift special.

Homebaked cookies is definitely a cool gift idea that is often missed by many. If you have some heritage family cookies recipe, why not spend some time to bake for your loved ones?

If not, it is not that difficult to make a great cookie. Try looking up for some recipes online or buy them from Amazon.

If you’re planning to bake your own cookies and give them as christmas present, remember to wrap them up nicely and put it in beautiful cookies jar.

#5 Best X’Mas Gift Ideas: Gift Card

As Michael Jordan, the legendary basketballer of our time said, we are put on earth for a reason.

And I truly believe that how we are connected to each other, is not by coincidence. I also believe that we have shared responsibility for each other and ought to keep a look out for one another.

I’m sure that during this difficult time, we know of friends or relatives who are hit hard by the economic hardship.

While not everyone likes the idea of giving ‘cold hard cash’ to others, I’m pretty sure that we all agree that gift card would be an excellent idea.

Amazon Gift Card is among the best gift card available out there. For me, the answer is obvious. There are millions of items being sold in Amazon and there is always something for everyone.

From babies’ basic needs to kitchen essentials. From daily staples to digital electronics. To me, this looks as good as giving cold hard cash as the gift card can be used to buy almost anything.

Sending an Amazon gift card is hassle-free. You can send it via Facebook, email or even snail mail.

That is it guys. Thanks for dropping by. I hope you my list of Best Christmas gift ideas has given you some inspiration.

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