Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Once a year, we celebrate Christmas. Today, Christmas is celebrated by almost everyone from all walks of life. It is a phenomena that is observed not only in America, but also in many parts of the globe. It is a festive season that is marked with joyful celebration. One of the hallmark of Christmas is the giving of presents to our loved ones. Among the special figures that is central in our life is our boyfriend. With Christmas just around the corner, you must now be scratching your head. You must wondering what gifts to give him this year. Here is a list of Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend that will offload your burden and saves you plenty of time.


#1 Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend: Amazon Kindle Fire HD

While it is not something absolute, but it is generally accepted that guys are more geeky than girls. Today, jobs are becoming more mobile and it is not uncommon for us to work from cafes or even bars. One device that definitely leads the way for this new working paradigm is of course tablet computers. With screen big enough to perform task more than just browsing, processor more than powerful to take over the basic duty of PC, constant data connection and most importantly, low price point, everyone would be happy to receive a tablet this Christmas.

Among the many tablets available in the market out there, Amazon Kindle Fire HD is certainly one of my favorite. The main reason is the superb hardware specification that comes with it and the unbelievable price point when compared to other tablets with similar configuration. Get your boyfriend an Amazon Kindle Fire HD. You’ll save loads of bucks and he’ll surely love what he is going to see. I’ve bought it for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it. This is partly the reason why I’ve picked this highly useful gadget to top my list of Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend.

#2 Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend: Nintendo Wii U

When all dust settles and you look back at a relationship, what you’d remember most is the things you do together as a couple. It is not that easy to find a common activity that both your boyfriend and you can do together. Often, he’d be too immersed with his own interest while you keep searching for the fun activity that would pull him near to you.

Most guys do love game and one of the best gift that you can give to your boyfriend is Nintendo’s latest Wii U gaming console. But do your homework first before buying as there is a chance that he already has one in his living room. If not, this would be the best gift that you can give him and of course, beneficial to you (and your relationship) as well. Do not forget to get some of the casual game titles that allow both of you to play together, such as the Sing Party with Wii U Microphone.

With all the family-themed games available for the Wii, you have one more activity that both of you can enjoy together. You can regain your fitness in a fun way with the help of Nintendo Wii’s yoga game or both of you can just enjoy your time together with some of the cutest games like Mario Kart. That makes it one of the most romantic Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend.

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#3 X’Mas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend: G-Shock 30th Anniv. Edition

Everyone of us wear watches day in day out, in office and at home, for work and for play. One accessory that showcase our personality is no doubt the watch that we’re wearing on our wrist. With so many brands and price range to choose from, watches can be one of those inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend. We can project a clean and professional image when at work. We can project a playful and chic image when at play. None of us would not welcome an addition to our watch collection, including your boyfriend, I’m sure.

Buying a watch for your boyfriend is probably one of the top ideas that flashes through the mind, but one that is often not realized because of the difficulty in finding the perfect watch for him. Next year, Casio’s G-Shock is turning 30 and they are kicking off a year-long celebration by releasing limited quantity of artist-designed watches. One of them is the GA-110EH-8A. The main reason why I pick this watch is because of its running features. Together with your boyfriend, you can add running as your top resolution for the upcoming year. It will not only keep both of you healthy physically, it will also keep your relationship healthy and it is an activity that both of you could enjoy together. This G-Shock watch would be your perfect companion and it deserves its place as one of the great Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend.

#4 X’Mas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend: Clock on Wheel

Do you have to wait for your boyfriend to appear every time you set out on a date? Has your boyfriend been punctual with his time? Or has he always been late and giving excuses? If he has, you can get him this cute alarm clock that does not only tick, but also moves on wheels. You don’t have to let him that you want him to be always punctual the next time. But if he’s ever late again, he’s got no more excuse for forgetting his time.

This funny alarm is surely fun to look at and having its place on the table means that your boyfriend will always be reminded of you all day long. It comes in 7 colors: Aqua, Raspberry, Blue, Pink, Red, Black and Chrome. It sure makes a fun and romantic Christmas gift. While there is nothing unusual about alarm clock, the uniqueness of this clock earns its place to be among the top on my list of Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend.

#5 X’Mas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend: Baseball Bat Toothbrush

Guys love sports and baseball is one of the biggest sport in American soil. By now, you should know your boyfriend very well and you should know his favorite baseball team. If you have no idea but you know he loves watching baseball, it’s time to check it out and get to know one more of his personal preference.

For Christmas 2012, one of the thing that you can present to your boyfriend is this cheeky baseball bat toothbrush. It is unlike ordinary toothbrush. It comes in the shape of baseball bat and bears the name of 7 biggest baseball clubs on earth: Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers. Now you have a chance to make your boyfriend to hold you firmer in his hand and remind him of you every time he take on that toothbrush. If you think about it, it can be both a romantic and inexpensivly cool gift idea that you can get for your boyfriend.

#6 X’Mas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend: Bath Tissue Holder

One of the most frequently used corner of the house is the bathroom. If you’ve been giving Xmas presents for your boyfriend every year and running out of ideas where next to leave your footprint in his house, you could start looking at the bathroom. There are many tissue holder with playful designs that you can get in Amazon. But one design that strike me the most is this Gothic tissue holder. I’m sure it is something that every guy would love. If you’re running out of idea, this would be one of the nice Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend.

#7 X’Mas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend: Pillow Remote Control

Does your boyfriend spend a lot of time on his couch? Or maybe renting and watching movies have become your weekend routine at his place? If your boyfriend is the type who spends lots of time in front of the TV, this pillow remote control is something that will surely raise eyebrows to whoever receiving it. Surprise your boyfriend this Christmas with this unique pillow remote control. Yes, it is a real working remote control. So the next time he’ll looking for something to hug, he’ll remember you for this gift. It sure worth its place among the top Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend.

After all, Just remember, when coming up with a good Christmas gift idea for boyfriends that you thought were too hard to shop for, stick with gift ideas that are personal between the two of you and gifts that show that you really know his tastes and interests. This way, you’ll never go wrong, and he’ll thank you again and again.

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