Christmas Gift Ideas Every Teacher will be Happy to Receive

In The Odyssey, Homer depicts an old man named Mentor as the helper and guide of the young prince Telemachus while his father Odysseus is away.

Since then, “mentor” has come to be an honorable title-the mentors in our life are those who not only guide us to greatness but, just as importantly, guide us away from those follies of youth which can undo us later in life.

As such, teachers have long been some of the most important mentors in society.

Great Christmas gifts for teachers - Creative bookends
Great 2014 Christmas Gift Ideas for teachersPerfect Xmas gift idea for teachersLovely holiday gift idea for teachers for 2014

Socrates taught Plato, and Plato went on to teach Aristotle, and Aristotle went on to teach Alexander the Great.

Our teachers shape our lives so much, it’s only fitting we remember them this holiday season and give them the gift or remembrance they deserve-plus these five teacher Christmas gift ideas on the side as a little extra “thank you.”

Thoughtful Xmas gift present for teachersGreat holiday present for teachersPopular holiday gift for mentors

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Whether your teacher is a fan of Portal or not, chances are they do have a lot of books.

Bookends can be a perfect teacher Christmas gift idea -simple, fashionable functional.

But if you think that bookends are all boring, then you must have not seen the latest show of creativity from the stationary manufacturers.

Wonderful Christmas gifts for teachers - Cute table stationary
WOnderful Christmas gift for teachers in 2014Funny Christmas gift idea for teacherPractical holiday gift idea for teacher

If your teacher has a higher humor quotient, a bookend that features a running man is definitely an eye-catching gift that will put a smile on any teacher’s face.

It is sure a great way for anyone to start a conversation too.

Of course the design is not limited to only one but there are many other creative ideas that have been turned into bookends.

Creative stationary for holiday gifts to teacherCute stationary set for teachers holiday giftFunny holiday present for teacher

Funny Table Stationary

We’ve all had that teacher who has a great sense of humor and just loves to laugh.

If that’s who you’re buying for, this tape dispenser might rank as one of the all-time great teacher Christmas gift ideas.

Wonderful Christmas gifts for teachers - Cute table stationary
Paper clip holder as top Christmas gift for teachersTop selling Xmas present for teachers and mentorsDesktop organizer as Teachers Christmas gift

The molding on this little pen holder and tape dispenser statuette is well-done, the pose is comical, and giving this to that special nutty professor can help give the gift of laughter this holiday season.

Cool present for Christmas for teachers2014 Top Gift idea for teachersHighly popular gift for teachers during the holiday season

Cool Clip Organizer

If you have a teacher who loves arts and crafts, this paper clip holder could be just the thing.

Shaped like a sink, this sink features a truly unique design, and the magnetic “faucet” allows for paperclips to be held in place like pouring water.

Nice Christmas gifts for teachers - Unique clock
Novel gift for teachers2014 most creative gift idea for mentorsGift idea every teacher will love
Perfect holiday present for mentors2014 top-selling holiday gift for mentorsCreatively cool Xmas gift for teachers

Unique Stuffs

Speaking of art, if your teacher cares more for the fine art and culture side of things, this “melting clock” can make for a truly memorable teacher Christmas gift idea.

Modeled after Dali’s famous painting of melting clocks titled Persistence of Memory, this clock is a great way to show that you’ll never forget the all-important influence your teachers have had on your life.

Thoughtful Christmas gifts for teachers - Reusable coffee sleeve
Practical gift presents for teacherThoughtful Xmas present for teachersClassic gift for teachers on Christmas day

Coffee Brewing Kits

Teaching is an inspirational, noble field-but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be tiring sometimes.

Beautiful Christmas presentAwesome holiday gift every teacher lovesGift for teachers on Xmas

Everyone needs a little coffee or tea to get through the day, including teachers.

As such, this drink sleeve for coffee cups can be the perfect gift for your teacher, especially if that teacher is a pet lover.

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