10 Easy White Elephant Gift Ideas Perfect for Last Minute Gift Sprees

If you always for your stuffs online, you know what an amazing place Amazon is. There are millions and millions of items being sold there.

What does this mean? If there is anything you love, you’ll likely find it in Amazon.

But… You will hate this when it comes to hunting for white elephant gift ideas! It is not for the lack of cool gift ideas but the overflooding gift ideas will defintely make your hunt end up in frustration and futile.

If you are stressed out about it, worry not. I’m here to make your life easier. I promise you that if you are looking for the perfect white elephant gift ideas, this list is all you have to go through.

I’ve vetted from thousands of the latest gift ideas that are wildly popular. All the gifts presented in this list contains at least one essential element that makes them the perfect white elephant gifts you can bring to your gift exchange party this year.

Ready? Let’s roll.

10 Insanely Creative Gifts You’ll Want to Keep for Yourself

Picture of 2014 Popular Easy white elephant gift ideas The Great ROBOVACUUM
How often do you clean you desktop? Nah! This is an ugly truth: None of us really clean our table that often!

The simple reason? It’s a chore and a pain!

With this robo vacuum, you can ease the pain of your friends without leaving a big hole in your pocket.

Starfrit Gourmet Battery Operated Table CleanerBarbuzzo Battery-Operated Zamboni Desk VacuumStarfrit Gourmet Mini Table Vaccum Cleaner, Black Paw Prints Design, WhiteAnimal Vacs - Power Elephant Tabletop VacuumAnimal Kitty Crumb Vacuum
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  1. The Great ROBO Vacuum

    Top of my list for 2014 last-minute white elephant gift ideas is the great ROBO vacuum.

    Today, 9 in 10 of us spend long hours sitting and working from our desk. Ironically, we spend too little time cleaning it up! No wonder your computer keybord is 3x dirtier than the toilet!

    The great news? Now you can use your white elephant gift to help your friend clean up his workplace more often. These desktop vacuum cleaners are so cute that they will surprise anyone receiving it.

    Anyone would love reserving a place on the desktop just for these cute-looking little cleaning robot.

  2. [bizarrewhiteelephantgift]

    2014 Easy white elephant gift ideas with retro theme Retro Gun + Rocket Mug
    I received this gift from my last white elephant gift party. It was the hottest item that everyone was trying to snatch. After much strangling, I’m glad it fell into my hands.

    A must-have gift for anyone attending holiday gift exchange party!

    Rachael, MN

    Spinning Hat Rubik's Cube MugGun MugBig Mouth Toys The Ninja MugBig Mouth Toys The Donut MugOctopus Surprise MugDoctor Who Figural Tardis Mug Make 2014 Perfect white elephant gift
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  3. Geniusly Designed Mug

    The mention of mug would set most people thinking of personalized mugs with words or 3D printing on it. But NO! That’s not the kind of mug that will make a great white elephant gift idea.

    Have you ever seen a mug with the holder made of retro toy gun? I thought these guys are real smart for coming up with these designs.

    Then there is the mug design in the shape of a doughnut. One of the most hilarious design ought to be the white mug with octopus miniature inside it. It is definitely going to be a great white elephant gift.

  4. Little Man Ear Cuff

    A super cute cuff that will make anyone seeing it want it. If you are having a white elephant gift exchange party with a bunch of girls, nothing else beats this one as the perfect white elephant gift.

  5. Ear Keyring

    Yikes! That was my reaction upon touching it. But hey, this is meant to be a white elephant gift! That’s precisely the kind of reaction you want your gift to trigger.

    I’ve been carrying it for several months now but it still gives me a goosebump everytime I touch it in my pocket.

  6. Smart Water Bottle for a Gym ‘rat’

    A water bottle + key holder + money holder + driving license holder. This smart water bottle is what you get when you combine these four together.

    The next time you head on for your zumba class or gym session, this is the only thing you need to carry!

  7. Fountain Rubber Tap

    With this little device, toothbrushing time will never be the same again. No more disgusting cups needed.

    With this, one pinch is all you need to do. It will magically turn your sink into a fountain.

  8. Waterproof Notepad

    Are you serious? Yes. This is the perfect white elephant gift for anyone who can’t stop thinking – even when in the bathroom.

    This waterproof note is what you need to capture every brilliant idea that sprung up when one is taking a shower.

  9. [geekywhiteelephantgift]

  10. Pepperoni Pizza Pillowcase

    Stop! Don’t eat it please! Someone brought this pepperoni pizza pillowcase to our recent white elephant gift exchange party. Everyone just couldn’t stop laughing about it.

    If you love your pepperoni pizza, you can sleep and dream about it. 100% fat-free. 100% carb-free way of enjoying your favorite pizza.

  11. Beer Chiller

    Anyone who has tried drinking beer when it’s warm knows how horrible the taste is.

    This beer chiller is the answer to every beer lover’s wish. The next you want a cold beer right away, you can always have it.

  12. I Pooped Today Funny T-shirt I POOPED TODAY
    Whoever thought of this must be crazily genius.

    Someone brought this t-shirt to our Christmas gift exchange party. Guess what?

    Everyone just couldn’t stop laughing about it. Truly, a gift that serves its purpose well – a perfect white elephant gift!

    Image of Easy naughty white elephant gift exchange ideaNaughty Gift exchange ideas - Stabilitees Funny Printed Good-Better-Best Design Mens T ShirtsHoly Shit Funny Graphic T-Shirt for white elephant giftEasy funny t-shirt white elephant gift ideaWhite Elephant Gift Ideas - I Got Your Back t-shirt
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  13. Tacky T-Shirts

    If you think the idea of t-shirts as white elephant gifts is boring, you probably have not explored and see enough.

    Look at these t-shirt designs. They are wacky and they are designed with only one intention – to make anyone wearing it a laughing stock.

    If you pooped today, do you need to announce it to the world? I guess not.

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