Retro White Elephant Gifts that will Take You Back in Time


A white elephant gift exchange is a great time for people to come together while having a fun and silly time enjoying gifts that will probably never be used.

The basis of the white elephant gift exchange is to bring gifts that truly don’t make any sense or have any purpose.

These gifts can be chosen in order by guests who arrived and they can be traded throughout the game, depending on the turn of the guest that is choosing the gift.

Guests will not know what they got until they take the gift out of the wrapping paper after choosing which one they want.

Retro Gift Ideas for White Elephant Exchange Party

There are many popular options for white elephant gift ideas, but retro items are among the most common.

Retro items have little to no use in the household today and will actually help bring back some memories of days gone.

These gifts make the best white elephant gifts because people will get a blast from the past while still having a funny gag gift to hold onto.

By the way, talking about gag gift, be sure to check out our pick of the most bizarre white elephant gift ideas if surprise and naughty is something that you want to bring to the party.

Retro items are also not very pleasant to look at and will first appear like the receiver has really gotten something that will not be usable.

Retro Mug

A mustard colored camera mug, a mini size popcorn maker and a wired ashtray will all make excellent white elephant gift ideas.

These items are not completely useless, but may be something that the receiver doesn’t want to use on an everyday basis.

These retro gifts are still functioning and may still have a place in many homeowner’s hearts.

They will also be a great thing for people to fight over when they are able to choose who they want to steal their white elephant gift choice from.

The exchange can get pretty competitive when someone wants one of these valuable items.

Retro Desktop Stationary

White elephant gift exchange goers who are looking for the best white elephant gifts, but in smaller sizes will enjoy a retro radio sticky note.

This pad of notes will be able to function on nearly any desk and will not be an eyesore when people pass by the desk.

It can be a great gift to jot down a grocery list or a phone number while sitting at the desk. This note pad is easy to wrap and can be easily disguised as something else due to its size. It is a great option for a white elephant gift.

Retro Kitchen Accessories

Retro Coca Cola signs are very in style at the moment. Retro Coke is making a come back and is even available in the traditional glass bottles that it came in.

One major Coke product is the Coca Cola refrigerator. These are often big machines with little power that can keep drinks cold.

A mini, 4 liter Coke fridge will make a great white elephant gift because it is not as big or difficult to wrap as the larger models.

It is an easy gift to wrap and will be something that the receiver will eventually end up using and loving. The retro fridge can hold around 6 8 ounce cans of Coca Cola.

Before You Go

Choosing the best gift for a white elephant gift exchange can make the entire party much more fun for everyone in attendance.

Retro enthusiasts often have an excellent time while at the white elephant exchanges and will be more inclined to get competitive when they see something they think they want to choose as their own white elephant gift.

No matter what gift you choose, be sure that it is tightly wrapped and that the other guests do not see that you brought it. The surprise of the game is one of the most exciting aspects.

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