5 Amazingly Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of

Are you looking for funny ideas for your gift exchange party? Here are 5 funny white elephant gift ideas which I guarantee will bring a smile to your buddies.

Year after year, in every gift exchange party that I go to, I never failed to bring fun into the party by simply applying these gag gift ideas. Give them a try. I’m sure they will bring fun and laughter to your party goers.

Curated Collection of 2014 Funniest White Elephant Gift Ideas

A Word of Caution


I know you would be pumping with adrenaline when seeing these funny gifts. Pause. Before you get your credit card ready and start your gift spree like no one’s business, let me just remind you with few precautions.

If you know that there is a friend among your party goers who happened to be religious, avoid any religious sensitive gifts. One year, I had someone brought a wacky t-shirt with the phrase ‘I **** Jesus’ printed on it (mind you that the censored word is not love, you know what it is).

It turned out that a lady friend of ours was the recipient and coincidentally, she is a devoted Christian. I need not carry on for you to guess what happened from there.

Hillarious white elephant gift ideas for Laughter

#1 Cute Underwear designs

Year after year, this white elephant gift idea has been voted as the funniest by many. If you want to be precise, you can try to estimate the average sizes of your potential recipients or just do the simple math on your own.

But remember, the goal of giving the best white elephant gift is to bring fun and laughter. So, you should be a little naughty by buying the extreme sizes.

Cutely designed underwear that is either very tiny or over-sized would definitely raise laughter. Be fun, be bold, be crazy.

#2 Photo Frame

The key to making a photo frame to be a funny white elephant gift lies in the wacky pictures (it can be stolen) that you’ve managed to get hold of and put it in a frame.

If all attempts still lead to futile results, then you might want to head online and search for some absurd pictures that most people would not have seen yet. I found anygag to be a great repository of some of the most ridiculous minds.

Why not try some creative stuffs like putting a caption on it? Let say print some sayings and paste it in the frame. I am sure the recipient will appreciate it.

If you do not have time to look for some fun sayings then just put some original fun message on it. Personal message will do even better. A favorite of mine: “#1 in your bucket list”. Well, you can imagine what kind of pictures I print with that.

#3 Wacky T-Shirt

Everyone has their own favorites. Anyway, choose the craziest design, as long as they are not offensive to your recipients (remember my stories above?).

If you have some skills in photo editing, you can photoshop the recipient photo and Justin Bieber/Taylor Swift/Lady Gaga. You got the point. I am sure he/she will love (or hate) it. Make the design as wacky as you can. Choose a good shirt color, preferably not black.

#4 Cake with shape of his/her favorite anime character

Make sure that the flavor of this cake is the one he/she like the most. Find time to search for his/her favorite character if you do not know any. Plus, it would be great if you have some baking skills.

You can bake the cake yourself. It would be less in expense but he/she would definitely appreciate the extra effort you put on it. And you can bury some surprises in the cake…


#5 Singing / Talking Toy

This would be awkward if the recipient is too old to use toys but just remember: It’s the thought that counts. Look for a toy that sing or speak like the toy is saying something like “Take Good Care!”

It would be so memorable if you do that. I am sure this will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Before You Go

Listed above are only some of the most creative ideas that will make fun white elephant gifts that we would suggest. I suggest that you have fun when you select the gifts too. Some of these items never fail to bring a smile to my face.

Be creative, go crazy, and buy what you think is the best for the recipient. At the end, the thought is more important than the gift itself.

Think these ideas are too crazy for your office party? Why not check out our curation for the best white elephant gifts for co-workers.

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