Top White Elephant Gifts for Office Colleagues and Co-Workers

The year is coming to an end. Holiday festivity is high up in the air. Christmas time is almost here. To many of us working in the office, one of the most anticipated event of the year is the year-end Christmas celebration.

And the best part? It’s the year-end gifts exchange party among office colleagues and co-workers that make us so excited. It is time to have some fun and laughter together with our bosses.

It is one of those rare occasions where everyone in the office, regardless the department we are in, will gather and just let go.

To help you relieve some of your gift shopping stress, here are some of the best white elephant gift ideas that you can give to your colleagues and office workers.

Highly Curated Selection of Best White Elephant Gifts for Co-workers

Scotch Tape Dispenser
Pokey Snail Tape Dispenser

Funny Scotch Tape Dispenser

This little fellow is a very cute snail, and he is a hard worker and does his job well. In my office, people start telling me to pass the snail as they want to feed him.

Scotch Tape Shoe Dispenser Scotch Tape Dog Dispenser Scotch Tape Blue Man Dispenser Scotch Tape Cassette Tape Dispenser


I found Amazon to be a fertile mining ground for me to mine the most interesting white elephant gifts available in the market. There are tonnes of highly unique and interesting gifts selling there.

If you have plenty of time to do your own hunting, go ahead down to Amazon straight. I’m sure it’ll get you all the more excited for your upcoming office gift exchange party.

If you have only little time, I’ve curated few items that made the best and in some cases, quirkiest gifts for your co-workers. I hope it’ll help you make your pick on what to buy for your co-workers.

Funny Stapler
Fish Stapler

Funny Alligator Stapler

One lovely stapler. Would bring tons of joy if you are working in a kindergarten. A good gift to your office admin.

Funny Alligator Stapler Ladybug Mini Stapler White Elephant Gifts for Co-workers Dog Stapler Cool Gifts for Co-workers Kikkerland Dog


Your Budget Determines What Makes the Best White Elephant Gifts for Office Colleagues

If you are attending or participating in an office gift exchange party, you must be wondering what kind of stuffs and budgets can get you a decent gifts for office colleagues and co-workers.

By my definition, decent means it has to fulfill at least two criteria. First, it has to be presentable and second, it has be non-ordinary which is important in order to create surprise huh hah and invites laughter from all participants, whether they are the recipients or they are watching their colleagues open the gift box.

Memo Pad
White Elephant Gifts for Co-workers -Memo Pad Pain Brush

Funny Paint Brush Memo Pad

Fabulous design, easy to hang on your cubicle wall. It will start a conversation every time you need to make a short note. Recommended for office party.

Cute gifts for Co-workers -Memo Pad Cat Paw Memo Pad Snickers Cute gift exchange ideas for Co-workers - Memo Pad Cupcake Quirky gift for Co-workers -Memo Pad Big Head


Be Creative

As you can see from my selected list of cool gift ideas, the kind of gifts that you can give to your co-workers is virtually limitless. Just think about the common stuffs that you bump into in the office.

Pay particular attention to things that you see on the table. Table or desktop is the place we spend most time at. Well, unless you are holding a job that is different from most of us here.

I know some people who spend little time in the office. They spend most of the time outside the office, meeting clients. Nonetheless, just look around you and list down the items that are on the table.

I can almost guarantee that you would likely be able to find the white elephant gifts version for those stuffs.

Tissue Box Cover
Funny gifts for Co-workers - Tissue Cover Snowman

Funny and Cute Tissue Box Cover

A cute design that will brings joy to your co-worker’s table. Fit any boutique tissue box. Good for female co-workers.

tissue cover clown nose Tissue Cover Octupos Tissue Cover Shakespeare Tissue Cover Talking Box


Sticky Notepad Dispenser
Hilarious gift for Co-workers -Dispenser Disney Pirate

Cute and Funny Sticky Note Dispenser

Everyone loves pirates. Especially if we are talking about pirates’ treasure box. Aye, mate, do you want a cutlass with that treasure box? Or a sticky note refill perhaps?

Dispenser Apple Sticky Note Dispenser Apple Dispenser Bag Dispenser Blue Bag

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