5 Easy White Elephant Gift Ideas


Christmas time is just around the clock. If you are looking for easy white elephant gift ideas, then you have landed at the right place. The talk of the town is all about white elephant gift exchange party.

Whether it is a gift exchange party organized at home, in school or in the office. White elephant gift party is one event that most of us gets excited with.

It could be that you’re celebrating with new group of buddies that you’ve just found your click with. Or it could be that you’re celebrating it with your office co-workers and there has been a new hire in the company. Or it could be that you’re celebrating it with a group of old time friends.

Whichever group you belong to, it takes some thoughts and efforts to find the real ‘white elephant’ gifts that will give you the highest probability of surprising your party mates.

2014 Easy White Elephant Gift Ideas

Picture of 2014 Popular Easy white elephant gift ideas Robo Vacuum
How often does anyone clean their desktop? The ugly truth is none of us really clean the table that often. The simple reason? It’s a chore and a pain. This robo vacuum lets you ease the pain of your friends without leaving a big hole in your pocket.
Starfrit Gourmet Battery Operated Table CleanerBarbuzzo Battery-Operated Zamboni Desk VacuumStarfrit Gourmet Mini Table Vaccum Cleaner, Black Paw Prints Design, WhiteAnimal Vacs - Power Elephant Tabletop VacuumAnimal Kitty Crumb Vacuum

If you’re having it with a new group of buddies, the challenge is to identify what kind of gifts will likely surprise them. If you know their preferences and dislikes, it makes your hunt a little easier.

The general rule of thumb is to find something that most people in the group would dislike. Once you are set on the type of item, then you can search for something unique or ‘quirky’ of that particular item.

If you are having it in school, make sure you check with the party organizer (it can be your teacher or class representative) on the budget that has been set for each gift.

You would then not overspend and gets disappointed when you receive something that is of much lower value than you expected. Other than avoiding disappointment, this would help you to narrow down your options and just focus on the items that are within your budget.

2014 Easy white elephant gift ideas with retro theme Retro Ray Gun Rocket Mug
A great gift for coffee lovers and recycling buffs. This funny coffee mug looks just like a curbside recycle bin. After all we do just recycle coffee when we drink it.
Spinning Hat Rubik's Cube MugGun MugBig Mouth Toys The Ninja MugBig Mouth Toys The Donut MugOctopus Surprise MugDoctor Who Figural Tardis Mug Make 2014 Perfect white elephant gift

If you are having a year-end cum white elephant gift exchange party in the office, it always involves a fine balancing act. You do not want to go over-board and neither do you want to be too timid. My advice is to look around for some of the possible white elephant gift ideas and ask yourself the kind of culture that you have in the office.

If you are working in a company that makes games and toys, chances are they will tolerate and even welcome playful gift ideas. If your bosses are the serious type, then you would want to get something that is more ‘constrained’.

If you are overwhelmed and running out of ideas on what would inject fun into your gift exchange party, the best place to start with is I should say, Amazon.

There are millions of items sold in Amazon and there is always something to suit your need and taste. There are always dozens of fun and unique items that you can find there. Out of the millions of items, I’ve picked 5 of them that I thought would definitely invite laughters and surprises from your other party-goers, be it your buddies or colleagues.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your audience and your imagination. Do you want to create a wild party? Check out these bizarre white elephant gift ideas if you do.

Or do you prefer to create a subdued but fun party? Take a look at some of the funniest white elephant gifts. If you are looking for gifts for your co-workers, these office white elephant gifts might be what you want to look at.

Image of Easy naughty white elephant gift exchange idea My Pen is Huge
It takes a high degree of creativity to whoever has thought of this phrase. Try giving it as a white elephant gift and find out how your friends and buddies will react.

I bet it will be hilarious and it will indeed make a perfect ‘white elephant’ gift. Will you wear it if you received it? I bet the answer is no. Will you throw it away? I bet the answer is also no. So, just keep it for the sake of keeping it.

How to Impress a Woman How to Impress a Man T-shirtNaughty Gift exchange ideas - Stabilitees Funny Printed Good-Better-Best Design Mens T ShirtsI Pooped Today Funny T-shirtEasy funny t-shirt white elephant gift ideaWhite Elephant Gift Ideas- Zack & Zoey Get Your Nose Tee - Blue

My best picks for white elephant gifts this year are made up of 5 categories and they are not stuffs with design twist but otherwise, they are useful parts of our daily lives.


Top on my list is the mini table vacuum cleaner. Nowadays, most of us spend much longer hours sitting and working from our desk. Ironically, it is a place that is the least often maintained or cleaned, at least among the many cases that I’ve been observing prior to making this recommendation.

My reason for picking these cute little vacuum cleaners is simple. It is not yet a common gift which means it will likely surprise anyone receiving it.

It features adorable and lovely design which would make someone think twice about using it. Just look at the mushroom-headed table vacuum cleaner shown in the picture above. They are so darn cute, aren’t they?


Many of us would have seen customized mugs with words on it and even 3D printing. But have you ever seen a mug with the holder made like a retro gun? I thought these guys are real smart for coming up with these designs.

Then there is the mug design in the shape of a doughnut. One of the most hilarious design ought to be the white mug with octopus miniature inside it. It is definitely going to be a great white elephant gift.

Ask yourself the question. If you receive a mug of such kind, what would be your reaction? Are you going to love it? Absolutely yes. But are you going to use it for everyday drinking? Uhmmm… I guess not.


If you think the idea of t-shirts as white elephant gifts is boring, you probably have not explored and see enough. Over the years, I’m always amazed at the endless creativity that t-shirt manufacturers can come up with.

It is no wonder that buying t-shirt as a white elephant gift has been gaining popularity over time as many would keep coming back year after year. No, I’m not talking about ordinary t-shirts with the day-to-day graphical printing and design on it.

I’m talking about t-shirt designs that are wacky and has been designed with the intention to make everyone who sees it laugh and joke about. I’ve selected a small collection from some of the most interesting t-shirt designs that I’ve come across. Maybe you want to try something different this year?

But remember to be mindful of your party rules and audience as some of the t-shirt designs might be offensive to some people.


In every home, there are always doors. This is common sense. If you extend this common sense to a white elephant gift, the result turned out to be hilarious.

There are many different design to door stoppers being sold these days. Door stoppers are no longer just the triangular rubber-kind of boring stuff. Just look at some of the door stoppers that I’ve picked and you know what I mean.

2014 Top low-cost white elephant gift exchange idea Baltic Honey Amber and Sterling Silver Funny Cow Pendant
Every girl loves to receive accessories. But a cow-shaped pendant? Ummm…. But come on, it’s meant to be a white elephant gift anyway.
2014 Top low-cost white elephant gift exchange idea - Justeel Jewelry Mens Silver Stainless Steel Tongue Funny Pendant NecklaceWhite Elephant Gift Ideas - Classic Keychain Creative Mr.p Boy Key Ring Fob Sex Erect Funny GiftDynomighty Tyvek Mighty WalletNaughty Gift exchange ideas - Sperm KeyringAccoutrements Bacon Wallet


You can have all the choices here whether its necklace, ring or watch. It depends if the majority of the gift exchange party participants are men or women. If the majority of your party mates are girls, then your option is virtually endless. From glitzy jewelries to friendship pendants.

If you’re thinking of getting a decent quirky accessories for your white elephant party, the cow-shaped pendants would definitely be a great pick.

Highly wanted easy white elephant gift idea for 2014 Foot at your Door Step
Even after months of putting this in my doorstep, my husband still mistaken it as someone’s foot everytime he sees it in the morning. A white elephant gift I received earlier this year and I think it has served its purpose well.
Funny Gift Ideas - Fred Foot in the DoorWhite Elephant Gift Ideas - Cat Door StopHilarious Gift Ideas - Black+Blum James the Doorman Door StopCute gift idea Melting Ice Cream Cone Door Stopper - Realistic Vanilla Dessert Doorstop 42014 best white elephant gift - Present Time Wanted Mouse Door Stopper in Assorted Black and Grey

If you’re feeling cheeky this year, why not get the ‘Bacon’ adhesive bandage? We know everyone does love bacon, but to what extent, that’s the question.

These are 5 cool gift ideas that will make perfect white elephant gifts. They are brilliant and do not cost that much. If you want to spice them up, you can find funny gift wrapping paper to wrap them up.

I’m sure it will add curiosity to whoever seeing them. Remember that gifts from the heart will always be appreciated. Gifts are not to show off our affluence, but to express our gratefulness and care for family members, friends and colleagues.

Gifts are material things. But keep in mind that what matters most is the time you spend to look for these things. After all it is the thought that counts.

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