Cool 21st Birthday Ideas You Won’t Forget

With the legal drinking age of the US sitting at 21 years old, millions of people are eagerly counting down the days until they can walk into a bar or liquor store and enjoy a couple of adult beverages.

I remember that as a kid, birthday parties used to be so much fun. But with each passing year, things start to get less interesting. Especially if it is the same bunch of folks that you’re celebrating your birthday with.

Celebrate with a Bang!

Does that sound familiar to you? I know it applies to most people. But turning 21st give that extra reason to celebrate with a bang! There are definitely few good reasons for that.

First of all, you automatically get a license to do many things that you previously wanted to do but were not able to because of the age restriction.

Drinking is obviously one of them. Another is to watch those R-rated movie on the big screen!

I know most people watch their first R-rated movie before they are legally allowed to, but this is the BIG screen we’re talking about.

Turning 21 means that from now on, you are able to walk into any cinema and pick any movie without having to check the age rating.

When they stopped you (thinking that you’re a bit too young), you can proudly show your ID and make the grand entrance (leaving some of your friends who are not yet 21 behind).

1 day makes all the difference. Your world is suddenly much bigger. I know there are lots of crazy stuffs you want to do.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting ideas that you can do on your, his or her 21st birthday.

It’s Time to Rock!

For all the reasons I briefly pointed above (and many more), you want to make sure that your 21st birthday party will be the night that everyone will remember.

Depending on who you’re organizing the party for, there are few different considerations that you have to make. If you’re organizing a party for yourself, you can leave your imagination run wild and your imagination is the only limit. But if you’re organizing a 21st birthday event for someone else – maybe your boyfriend, girlfriend or buddy – then there is a different set of conserations you have to make. You may be able to come up with the wildest 21st birthday ideas, but you have to be mindful of the limit of the person that you’re organizing for.

House Party

If you have a big house (p.s: remember to get your parents’ permission beforehand), you can host a big party at your house. There are certain advantages and disadvantages that you need to weigh.

A big party will mean a messy house. You want your guests to have fun, do you? If you do, make sure you prepare yourself with the cleaning chores after everyone left. Be extra careful if you are using Facebook to invite your friends. Make sure you make it a private event or otherwise you might end yourself in trouble.

Rent a Club

It can be a big mess, trust me. I’ve been to few 21st birthday events and I’ve seen how ugly things can be. That’s why some people prefer to rent a club and host the party there. It’s hassle free but of course you need extra budget and probably less freedom since it’s a public place.

Pub Crawl

Another neat idea that is popular is to do a pub crawl. But… Do a quick check and make sure that your party buddies have turned 21 or otherwise they’ll not be allowed to get in.

Pub crawl is fun, especially if there are few popular pubs in your area that you’ve always been curious to look at.

What to Do in a 21st Birthday Party

Drinking Game

The day you turn 21st is the day you are legally allowed to consume alcohol. Grab all the beers that you can. You’ll find out why men loves beer.

Beer is of course not the only alcohol drink that you want to try. You also want to give those whisky and spirits a go. Try absinthe. Be warned that it’s one of the most alcoholic drink. Make sure you don’t get yourself overdose!

Get the drink roulette.It is what you need to make a fun drinking game.

Do Childish Things

Since 21st is the age where you officially turn into adulthood, why not give yourself one last chance to do some of the most childish thing that you can remember. Or maybe get your buddy to do it!

Grab a milk bottle and recall those childhood moments. Or maybe you want to grab a pamper? I’m not sure if there is a size that is going to fit, but you get the idea.

Hire a Stripper

One of the wildest thing you can do when you turn 21st is to hire a stripper. I know this is not for everyone. But if it is within your tolerance limit, it can be one of the most fun 21st birthday ideas.

Scavenger Hunt

Remember those treasure hunt games that you play during those school days? With a slight twist, you can turn a scavenger hunt game into a fun idea to make a memorable 21st birthday event.

Instead of coins, belt, watch and such, try something naughty. I believe you don’t need me telling you what naughty stuffs refer to.

Board Games

On its own, there is nothing unusual about board games that earns itself a place as a great 21st birthday game. Wait till you see the list!

Board games are no longer just monopoly, scrabble or UNO. The game makers are increasingly creative in how they turn and twist the rules of the games.

Have you heard of ‘The Cards Against Humanity’? It is the #1 selling board games and it makes a fun game for 21st birthday celebration.

The key in injecting fun into the game is not in the game itself. Rather, think about the ‘creative’ penalty for the losing party.

That’s what is going to make your game fun! A really cool gift idea if you are in-charge of organizing that special night of 21st birthday party.

Be Creative! Be Cautious!

As you can see, the list of crazy party ideas on how you can spend your 21st birthday is virtually an endless one. The key is to be creative and let your imaginations run wild.

On a last note, I hope you have a great night that you’ll remember for life but don’t forget to consider all the necessary precaution!

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