Romantic Gift Ideas for Her Birthday

Finding that gift for the lady in your life doesn’t have to empty your wallet even though you may want to get the very best birthday gifts for her.

There is no reason to panic if your mind is blank when it comes to gift giving or deciding exactly which birthday gifts for her will be the most appreciated.

There are quite a few birthday gifts for her that you are able to give her if you simply open your mind. If you have a birthday girl that is difficult to buy for here are a few ideas to get you started.

Top Romantic Birthday Gifts for Her

Pillowcases Made for Couples

Among all the romantic gift ideas, pillowcases have in recent years emerged as one of the highly sought after gifts by couples. No matter how busy we are, we still need to turn to our bed every day right?

That’s exactly why pillowcases make one of the perfect gifts you can present to her on her birthday. Every night when she winds down after a hectic day and dims down the bedroom light, she will think of you everytime she reaches for that soft comfy pillow.

Due to its popularity, designs similar to the couple pillowcases have been incorporated into various other things. One of them is the couple mugs.

I can understand the rationale. We hold on to our mugs much more often than we hold on to our pillows, do we? So, if you want her to remember your relationship more often, mug is a great idea too.

Key Chains that Bind

The idea of giving key chains on her birthday is not something new. Couple key chains have been around for as long as I can recall.

Many years ago before all the techies start to conquer the gift market, key chains used to be one of the most popular options for couples. We hold on to our keys every day. It is one of the few things that will stay by her side day in day out.

Couple key chains have also been used to symbolize a relationship. A couple key chain usually comes in 2 parts. Both parts are needed to make a complete symbol, which usually comes in the form of a heart.

Jewelry that Brings out the Best in Her

Every woman loves jewelry and I believe your lady does too. While diamond may be her ‘best friend‘, no guy will give diamond to her girlfriend on her birthday.

I know there may be exception. Unless you are super rich or it is a special birthday (eg. 21st birthday), then getting a diamond is totally not advisable.

But don’t worry! There are plenty of beautiful jewelries – from earrings to necklace pendants to bangles – that you can get for her birthday. Just look at the curation that I’ve put up and you know what I’m talking about.

Couple Watch to Remind Her of You

A watch is another one of the few things that will stick with her almost all the time. In fact, it is one that will remind her of you more frequently than anything else.

The idea of a couple watch is a classic one. But its suitability as a birthday gift is debateable. This is because it means that you will be getting 2 gifts, one for her and another one for yourself.

But again, not everyone will be in favor but not everyone will be against the idea. To some people, a gift is meant only as a symbol that brings reminder to the relationship that you share together.

Wall Decals to Remind Her of You

If you’ve previously presented all the above gifts to her and running out of ideas, the other suggestion that I have for you is wall decal.

Wall decals can serve as a cool gift idea for birthday but provided you did your homework right. There are many creative decals with either romantic pictures or wordings that will make a beautiful decoration to the home wall.

Stick to the Classics

If you are rushing for time, don’t feel all bad for yourself. Many of the guys do find themselves in your shoes before (and it is quite often!).

Certain gifts like watch and jewelry may require a bit more time. You need to select the loveliest model (mind you that the gift is not meant for you, but your lady) which unless you know exactly something that she has been eyeing, need you to put the extra effort to scour through all the list of possibilities before deciding.

Some things like key chains and pillowcases may require less consideration but just in case you’ve given those presents to her before, what options do you have?

Well, just stick to the classic idea! Flowers (and bunch of them). Gift basket. Voucher books. Gourmet chocolate. Giant teddy bear.

They can still make lovely gifts.

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