Cool Gift Ideas for His Birthday

Have you been too busy lately and have just come to realize that his birthday is coming? Are you running out of ideas on what to buy as birthday gifts for him? Are you looking for birthday gifts for him that simply don’t suck?

If any of the question sounds resonating to you, then worry not. I’ve done the hard work for you. I’ve searched high and low for the coolest gift ideas that you can get, well, for your boyfriend, men or your spouse.

I’ve compiled some of the best and unique gifts available. I’m sure you will find one that matches to your taste and fits to his needs.

The Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas for Him


In the age of smartphones and tablets, gadgets have taken such importance in men’s lives that they have synonymously earned the title ‘2nd wife’ to many men. Watch the ‘Gadget Man‘ if you need little convincing in this regard.

But who is to blame given the rapid rise of technologies and our growing reliance on technologies as we strive to become more productive. Mind you that gadgets are not constrained to smartphone and tablets alone.

Portable mini speakers. Cameras. Watches. Wearable computers.

These are just a small number of products that fall under the gadget category. You are probably the person who knows him best. If you think he belongs to ‘technology early-adopter’ group, you virtually have endless list of birthday gifts for him.

Essential Tools

Other than gadget, there are many other unique birthday gifts that every guy will love. For example, there are many gifts that can serve as essential tools for him.

From bottle opener to cufflinks. From stainless steel wallet to inkless pen. From outdoor cutlery set to vintage padlock. My list of ‘birthday gifts for him that don’t suck’ can still go on and on.

The Ocean is Bottomless. But…

You can spend hundreds of hours scouring through all the unique stuffs that serve well as birthday gift inspirations for him. If time is on your side, go ahead and I’m sure you’ll find lots of good catch to choose from.

But if you have budgeted only few hours of your time, don’t feel too bad for yourselves. The value of time is something that is relative and not absolute in nature.

Spending less time in looking for the perfect birthday gifts for him does not mean that your love for him is less than someone who spend more time doing so. One thing for certain is you can spend less amount of time but be more productive.

To Make Your Life Easier

To help you get the most of your time, I’ve personally handpicked some of the most unique items that I think would make great birthday gifts for your guy. I hope you will find something that you love and I hope you get the most out of your time.

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