5 Top Best Man Gifts – For the 2nd Most Important Guy on your Wedding Day


As a man, you may think that giving someone other than your father or brother gifts is a bit odd.

However, it has become common practice to give your best man, and in some cases your groomsmen, a gift at your wedding.

Presumably your wife to be does the majority of gift buying, and even giving. But this is one instance where you are able to show your appreciation for all that your best man has done for you and will do for you as the wedding approaches.

Here are a few cool gift ideas that you can get as best man gifts.

Top 5 Best Man Gifts for Your Groomsman


#1 Best Man Gifts Idea: Tickets to Their Favorite Event or Show

Giving event tickets as a best man gift is unconventional. That is precisely the reason why it increasingly sounds appealing to so many people. Since you’ve picked him as your best man, you should know his favorite sports team. If you don’t, go do some homework and it is the best way to show your sincerity. Tickets to sports events, especially those of major teams, are usually expensive. Chances are high that your best man has always loved to go watch his favorite team perform, but rarely does so. One reason could be the high ticket price. This presents you with the perfect opening and this tops my list of gifts for the groomsman.

#2 Best Man Gifts Idea: Business Gifts for a Businessman

Your best man is a businessman. If your best man is engrossed in business 24/7 a business gift will be the most used item you can give him. A nice metal business card holder can make quite a statement on potential clients. Your best man will be able to use your gift on a daily basis while also furthering his career.


#3 Best Man Gifts Idea: You Can Never Go Wrong with Tech Gadgets

Deep within every one of us (especially guys), there is this insatiable desire for gadgets. This is probably the reason why such gadget shows as CES is still doing so well these days. Anything technology related always makes great best man gift in today’s world. With the speed of today’s technology there is always a new gadget out. Often if you jump on the new items out there, you can be the first to get what will in the months and years to come be something we can’t live without. After all less than 12 years ago was the birth of the tablet.

#4 Best Man Gifts Idea: Sports Gifts for a Sports Fan

If your best man is a sports maniac, anything related to his favorite sports team is sure to be a hit. While you may not be able to find something that he doesn’t already have, you may be able to find something he didn’t know existed. Finding that obscure thing that he missed can be fun. It can be a good source for ribbing him later.

#5 Best Man Gifts Idea: Personalized Gifts with Engravings

Do you and your best man have an inside joke that you share? Most grooms and their best men have a wide range of stories they could share. Instead of the standard of engraving you and your fiancés name along with the wedding date why not engrave something that alludes to one of your infamous trysts? This makes wonderful best man gifts for sure.


Odds are he will never forget your fiancés name. The wedding date has more significance to you than for him. So make the engraving something that strengthens the bond the two of you share, if only to remind him that he has a special place in your life as well. No matter what best man gifts you choose for your best man, as long as you have chosen something that speaks to who he is, you will have a hit.

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